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Sustainability at the heart of our clothing items

            “Digital textile printing equipment reduce textile waste as well as power consumption. Further, water wastage and ink consumption are also reduced by the use of digital textile printing equipment.” - Textinel 2019

            Recent research indicates that while no manufacturing process can completely eliminate its environmental impact, digital textile printing stands out as one of the more environmentally friendly options within the current landscape of the UK textile industry. While our cotton may not be certified organic yet, we focus on responsible production practices, efficient processes, and ethical partnerships to create fully printed items that align with our values and contribute to a more sustainable future.

            On a global scale, our increased awareness of the ecological footprint we leave on the planet has inspired a collective effort to reduce our impact in various aspects of our lives.

            At Matter of Spirit, we are taking initiatives to reduce any potential waste that could result while doing any of our business activities. We don’t just keep an eye on utility energy, water consumption, or ink usage, we ensure that we are a responsible producer, compliant with the UK's waste framework regulation. Join us in making conscious fashion choices that leave a positive impact on the planet.

            Here's how we uphold sustainability while creating our fully printed cotton items:


Digital printing on 100% Cotton

            Digital printing is among the most environmentally friendly solutions of printing garments. It consumes less water and energy than conventional methods and no harsh chemicals are necessary. Digital prints are more colourful and offer a broader colour range. Furthermore, water-based inks are typically used in digital printed fabrics, which are less damaging to the environment than conventional inks. At Matter of Spirit, we organise our design layouts in efficient ways to keep the waste at a minimum level.

            We are aware that all types of textile printing have an environmental impact - it's simply that our digital textile printing technologies are among the most environmentally friendly, and we at the Matter of Spirit aim to do our bit where possible while still satisfying our clients' needs.

            All of this comes at a price. We make no apologies for obtaining high-quality items that comply to commercial ethical principles. We are glad to be an environmentally conscious British company that conforms to British conduit standards.



Our commitment to ethical practices

            At Matter of Spirit, we are committed to an open and ethical partnership with our trusted suppliers. Together, we work to ensure that our fully printed cotton items radiate style while also being environmentally conscious. Our manufacturing process has been optimized for efficiency, resulting in lowered energy consumption and waste generation.

            Our supplier selection process isn't just about experience; it's about shared values. We choose partners who meet our stringent criteria. With BSCI Certification as our benchmark, we assure fair labour practices, safe working conditions, and responsible waste management are not mere aspirations but daily practices. When you choose Matter of Spirit, you're not just getting a product – you're getting clothing that reflects your values and our collective dedication to a more sustainable future. 

            As a young brand, we made early decisions to align with the most environmentally friendly and worker-positive suppliers, production facilities and fulfillment partners. We are committed to always improving our processes and creating positive impact in the world.