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Stay tuned for the collaborations that are to come, as we are thrilled to deliver many more various styles.

To join our artist community, check the FAQs section. Be part of the movement, contribute, and enjoy Matter of Spirit!


Who is behind the existing designs? Are you looking for new artists?

To meet the artists who contribute to Matter of Spirit designs, please view our dedicated artists page.


keep the bar high with regard to designs. The artists who share the
same understanding with us, or who even promise to do better, are all
welcome to contact us at, or by filling our form on Contact Page.


You're welcome to include your portfolio and social handles, making it easier for us to connect with you.

How do you work with artists?

When discussing about the
proposed artwork/s, we offer you various options for compensation. We
like to ensure that all parties involved are satisfied with their


After an initial agreement with an artist, we
get into contracting phase. The terms of the contract are created
considering all the details discussed with each artist.


love to promote and support artists, new or experienced, that match
with our values. Contact us with your proposed artwork. we reply back to
all applicants.

Who owns the copyright of the product that resulted from the collaboration?

The ownership of collaborative products in the UK follows joint work copyright principles. When multiple individuals contribute to a creation, they jointly own the copyright, unless an agreement specifies otherwise. If contributions can be separated, they are owned separately.


Copyright generally lasts 70 years from the last author's death. Our collaboration agreement defines roles, ownership, enforcement, and dispute resolution. It prevents conflicts and nurtures a positive creative space.