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Adrian Dusmanescu

As a self-taught artist, Adrian has developed his skills through hard work and dedication, having a keen eye for creating visually appealing designs. His artistic inspiration derives from the beauty of nature, his own personal experiences and insights, and from the timeless wisdom of ancient cultures. Being a lifelong learner, he's always on the lookout for ways to sharpen his skills, to add that extra layer of depth and clarity to his creations.

Adrian is an ambitious individual, attracted to art since very early years. With a background in Marketing, he was looking for a way to integrate this knowledge with his other interests. This led him to start-up the Matter of Spirit project where he blends his passion for art with clothing design.

Through this project, he aspires to build a vibrant community of artists who share his artistic vision and values. In doing so, Adrian Dusmanescu not only showcases his own artistic works but also nurtures a space where like-minded creatives can thrive and inspire one another.

Artist's Products

Liquid Dream - Men's Oversized T-Shirt


Osmosis - Men's Oversized T-Shirt


RGB Mountain - Men's Oversized T-Shirt


Richter - Men's Oversized T-Shirt